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Welcome to STARFRUIT

(Limited Sun, Earth & Main Ingredients For Growth) who have been providing professional design services to commercial and academic institutes for more than twenty years of experiences in various consumer product areas; such as Gifts & Premium, Home Appliances, Toys, Kitchenware & Daily Utensils etc.
We are very concern with the present situation of our stretched consumer behaviors on redundant products in the open market. Therefore, the ultimate goal and responsibility of our company is to practice & educate the public through slowing down, stagnate the past trend and, best of all, retune our design rationale back on `Green' track, which should be functionally sound, sustainable material choices and low energy production requirements. Apart from these technical design criteria, `culture' is another important essence.

Short news

-Thanks to for featuring our Petree Items

-Thanks to Israel Hayom for featuring our Petree Items (08.03.2013 - p.47)

-Thanks to Modern Cat for featuring our Play House, Meoww........

-Thanks to Dog Milk for featuring " My CUbby" ~Woof~

-I'm Coming, 2012 TAIPEI PET SHOW!

-New items launched now, please browse our product list.







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Penthouse, 57-61, Lei Muk Road,
Kwai Chung, Hong Kong.

Office:(852) 2610 2398

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